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Police Patrol Officers Career Video

Description: Patrol assigned area to enforce laws and ordinances, regulate traffic, control crowds, prevent crime, and arrest violators.


Video Transcript

Police patrol officers monitor community safetyand respond to calls from the public.Whether on foot, on wheels, or on horseback,the job of patrol officers is to be alertfor any threat to public safety,from enforcing traffic laws,to helping a lost child, or responding toan unfolding and highly dangerous situation.Police officers are licensed to carry guns,which comes with great responsibility.They must pass rigorous academic, psychological,and physical exams to prove they havewhat it takes to balance their responsibilities.Even in life-threatening situations,officers need to stay calm, think clearlyand make good on-the-spot judgments.While Hollywood makes police work seemconstantly action-packed, most patrol officerswill tell you the job is often very routine.Police work requires patience -- and paperwork;documenting every incident in detail.Officers are drug-free and have nofelony convictions on their record,and those out in the community areexpected to be physically fit.Some departments require a high school diploma,while others prefer a college degree in criminal justice,although other majors are often accepted.Speaking a second language is a plus.Police patrol officers are true public servantswho are expected to conscientiously,and courageously “serve and protect.”