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Hosts and Hostesses, Restaurant, Lounge, and Coffee Shop Career Video

Description: Welcome patrons, seat them at tables or in lounge, and help ensure quality of facilities and service.

Video Transcript

If you’re friendly and value good customer service, you might consider finding work as a host or hostess in a restaurant, lounge, or coffee shop. As the source of customers’ first impressions, the host or hostess provides many initial services. They usually take reservations, guide customers to tables… provide them with menus… and ensure prompt and courteous service. In some businesses, the host or hostess is also the cashier. Customer service skills are helpful, as hosts often need to resolve complaints. Knowledge of a second language may be helpful in restaurants specializing in a foreign cuisine. A host or hostess is usually not tipped directly by customers, but may receive a percentage in locations where staff combine tips in a pool. In most places, the job of host or hostess is easy to learn and usually low-stress. Hours are typically part-time, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. A good option for work while attending school, getting familiar with a new city, or working on other projects, hosting’s only major demands are a positive attitude, a neat and clean appearance —and a smile!