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Description: Set up and operate motion picture projection and related sound reproduction equipment.

Video Transcript

For people who love going to the movies, working as a motion picture projectionist can be a way to enjoy the silver screen from a brand new perspective. Projectionists run the projector and sound equipment that displays films on screen at movie theaters. Projectionists must start and end screenings on time, monitor the equipment and facility to ensure the show goes as planned, and may at times show films in multiple theaters simultaneously. Projectionists may also perform equipment maintenance. While most theaters now have digital projectors… at some theaters or for special events, motion pictures may be screened directly from film, which requires handling film reels, splicing film, and using specialized projection equipment. Motion picture projectionists typically work alone, indoors at movie theaters from small one-screen arthouse cinemas to large multiplexes… but projectionists also work at museums or outdoor drive-in theaters. Shifts typically start in the afternoon and run until closing time, usually around midnight. Motion picture projectionists have no specific education or previous work requirements, typically learning their skills on-the-job.