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Locker Room, Coatroom, and Dressing Room Attendants Career Video

Description: Provide personal items to patrons or customers in locker rooms, dressing rooms, or coatrooms.

Video Transcript

Whether for workouts, clothes shopping, or attending special events, clothes need a home away from home. To maintain order and security, locker room, coatroom and dressing room attendants are on the job. Locker room attendants work in athletic facilities. They assign lockers, rent footwear or other gear, answer members' questions, and explain how to use equipment. They may clean and restock supplies for the locker room. Coatroom attendants check coats and other items for customers of dining and theater establishments. Organizational skills, patience and positive customer service are important in this work. Tips provide much of the attendant’s income, and the work may be seasonal. Dressing room attendants assist shoppers in clothing stores. They assign and escort customers to dressing rooms, keep track of merchandise, and must be friendly and courteous as well as observant to prevent shoplifting or damage to clothing. While training is provided on the job, a high school diploma is a plus for these positions. These attendants are on duty whenever their workplaces are open, frequently on weekends, evenings and holidays, so you might want to consider this field if you need flexible, part time work.