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Demonstrators and Product Promoters Career Video

Description: Demonstrate merchandise and answer questions for the purpose of creating public interest in buying the product. May sell demonstrated merchandise.

Video Transcript

Demonstrators and product promoters work at department stores and malls, trade shows, and grocery stores, where they can get face-to-face with potential customers and work to convince them to make a purchase. The core sales technique of these workers is to show an audience how to use the product, and explain its usefulness, but they may also provide samples and informational brochures, coupons, and other incentives to entice customers to buy products. Demonstrators and product promoters spend much of their time preparing, researching new products and developing their presentations. Eye-catching displays often require transportation and set up before presentations and disassembly afterwards. They also rehearse to turn their script or list of features into a compelling case for potential buyers. Demonstrators and product promoters may handle sales transactions and keep records of sales made. Strong communication skills are essential in this field. Many demonstrators and product promoters work less than 40 hours a week, although some work full time. Positions typically do not have specific education requirements, although a number of workers have a high school diploma or equivalent.