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Telemarketers Career Video

Description: Solicit donations or orders for goods or services over the telephone.

Video Transcript

Telemarketers make phone calls either to sell products or services, or to solicit donations. Whether they’re reading from a script or relying on their sales ability and knowledge of the product, a telemarketer’s focus is to make the most out of every call. They might be raising money to preserve wildlife habitats, or selling vacation apartment time shares, but whatever they’re calling about, telemarketers must be able to make a connection over the phone. Listening skills are critical for telemarketers, as is the ability to communicate about products, and tailor their efforts to each customer, explaining how their product fits into the customer’s life. Telemarketers must be willing to deal with the implications of cold-calling people, which can often mean dealing with unpleasant or angry people at the other end of the line. Telemarketers typically work a set schedule in offices; schedules may range from part time to full time, with the potential for overtime. Telemarketing positions do not typically have formal education requirements. College students or recent high school graduates might consider telemarketing as a temporary job or a source of additional income.