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Credit Authorizers, Checkers, and Clerks Career Video

Description: Authorize credit charges against customers' accounts. Investigate history and credit standing of individuals or business establishments applying for credit. May interview applicants to obtain personal and financial data; determine credit worthiness; process applications; and notify customers of acceptance or rejection of credit.

Video Transcript

Companies know that extending credit is risky business. Credit authorizers, checkers and clerks work to reduce that risk. Credit clerks assemble the documents and process transactions involved in loan and credit applications. Checkers verify the information on application forms. They may interview applicants to gather personal and financial data. Checkers contact banks, credit bureaus and other sources for facts about an applicant’s earnings, spending, and bill-paying habits. At times, they may need to deal with unpleasant or upset people. Authorizers decide whether to approve or deny the request for a credit account or for a new charge to an existing line of credit. They assess credit histories for accounts that are past due, overextended or in some way invalid. A high school education is generally required for an entry-level position. Helpful qualifications include fluency in another language especially Spanish, strong keyboarding skills, and a solid grasp of business math. Because electronic records and communication are streamlining this field, the field is not growing. But where the work is needed, this is a career where a job done well is certainly a credit to your company.