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Patient Representatives Career Video

Description: Assist patients in obtaining services, understanding policies and making health care decisions.

Video Transcript

A patient representative is often the first face patients see when they enter a healthcare facility. Representatives help guide patients through the complex world of healthcare. Patient representatives are responsible for gathering background information from patients and informing them about the health resources available at the facility. They explain healthcare costs and may help patients determine how to pay for charges. Before patients leave, patient representatives help ensure they understand how their treatment will work, for example teaching patients to use equipment at home. They also collect and report data on patient encounters, handle patient inquiries, and train volunteers and staff. Working in healthcare facilities involves daily face-to-face interactions with patients. Exposure to illnesses and bodily fluids can be a frequent occurrence, so following protocols to minimize health risks is a necessary part of the job. Patient representatives work schedules vary depending on the employer and patient load, from part-time hours to full time-plus. Typically, patient representatives need a bachelor’s degree, though some positions require only an associate’s degree.