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Meter Readers, Utilities Career Video

Description: Read meter and record consumption of electricity, gas, water, or steam.

Video Transcript

Every time you turn on a light, cook food, or get water from a faucet, you are using a public utility. To track the use of utilities such as gas and electricity in both homes and businesses, usage meters are read and monitored by Utilities Meter Readers. Besides recording resource usage on meters at residences and business locations, meter readers inspect the units for damage, order repairs, and check for unauthorized connections. They may turn off service for suspected tampering or unpaid bills. Handheld microcomputers are often used to speed the job and increase accuracy for billing. Meter readers work outdoors in all kinds of weather, and generally work alone. Physical demands of the job include a lot of walking and stair-climbing. Encounters with overprotective dogs are not uncommon either. A high school education or its equivalent is required. Usually, meter readers need a driver's license and must pass a drug test and background check. They may train with a more experienced reader. As more and more automated meter reading systems are phased in, meter reader positions are decreasing. But as long as utility meters need a personal inspection, meter readers will stay on the go to keep homes and organizations running.