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Executive Secretaries and Executive Administrative Assistants Career Video

Description: Provide high-level administrative support by conducting research, preparing statistical reports, handling information requests, and performing clerical functions such as preparing correspondence, receiving visitors, arranging conference calls, and scheduling meetings. May also train and supervise lower-level clerical staff.


Video Transcript

Well-organized, resourceful, persistent, detail-oriented, comfortable with both taking charge and taking orders, and a strong drive to make things work. All of these qualities get wrapped up in one job: Executive Secretary, also called Executive Administrative Assistant. In corporations and other large organizations, executive secretaries manage the administrative tasks needed to support the work of top leaders. Their role is often tremendously varied, but invariably requires the ability to solve problems while maintaining confidentiality and integrity. Executive secretaries work with documents and information, frequently developing spreadsheets, databases, researching and preparing presentations, reports, and documents. They may negotiate with vendors, buy supplies, and manage stockrooms or corporate libraries. Most answer phone calls and direct them appropriately. Executive secretaries and administrative assistants also operate videoconferencing, fax, and other office equipment. They may manage projects and plan special events or conferences. In most offices, executive secretaries greet visitors and often monitor access to specific employees. They train and supervise other office staff. Executive secretaries generally work in office settings and are found in most industries, from health care to educational settings, scientific services, government, and more. Some executive secretaries may be self-employed, available for hire as virtual assistants who conduct their functions from a home office. Entry requirements are high school or high school equivalency along with basic office, computer, and English grammar skills, available from technical schools or community colleges. Many schools offer programs leading to a certificate or associate’s degree in executive secretarial skills. Certification as an administrative professional will be helpful. Some temporary placement agencies also provide formal training in computer and office skills.