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Data Entry Keyers Career Video

Description: Operate data entry device, such as keyboard or photo composing perforator. Duties may include verifying data and preparing materials for printing.

Video Transcript

Data entry keyers transfer information from paper documents to digital formats, including Internet databases and computer programs. The specifics of their duties can vary significantly based on their employer, ranging from scanning documents and sending them in emails, to carefully transcribing text into data fields in programs and databases. Keyers call on skills to maintain records and communicate with others on a daily basis, proofreading skills are also important to locate any errors. Even more importantly, an eye for detail and accuracy are the top qualifications for data entry keyers, as mistakes can sometimes have serious repercussions. Data entry keyers typically work a set schedule of 40 hours a week in offices. While specific software programs vary from position to position, training can often be done on-the-job. A high school diploma or equivalent is the typical education requirement.