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Agricultural Inspectors Career Video

Description: Inspect agricultural commodities, processing equipment, and facilities, and fish and logging operations, to ensure compliance with regulations and laws governing health, quality, and safety.

Video Transcript

Agricultural inspectors ensure that farming, logging, and fishing operations comply with laws and quality standards. They enforce the government regulations that keep consumers safe and healthy, and train workers so they can better follow regulations. Agricultural inspectors monitor many different processes. For example, in meat production, inspectors may review a cattle farm’s waste disposal procedures, make sure that cows are slaughtered hygienically, verify that the meat is processed and packaged appropriately, and ensure that the products are labeled and sealed correctly before being shipped off to market. Inspectors work in production facilities, labs and offices, out in the field at logging operations and fish farms, and may even testify about a case in court. The majority of agricultural inspectors work 40 hours or more per week. Agricultural inspectors typically need a bachelor’s degree.