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Pipelayers Career Video

Description: Lay pipe for storm or sanitation sewers, drains, and water mains. Perform any combination of the following tasks: grade trenches or culverts, position pipe, or seal joints.

Video Transcript

Running water available at the twist of a faucet handle, makes human habitations more comfortable, sanitary, and refreshing. In order to keep the water running, and prevent it from backing up in unpleasant places, pipelayers perform their work with diligence and precision. These skilled tradespeople construct storm drains, sanitation sewers, and water mains. Workers lay pipe for many different projects; they must measure and cut pieces, then position them, and seal joints using welding equipment, cement or glue. Pipelayers also dig trenches for water lines to run underground. Pipelayers follow blueprints and written instructions to ensure the position and slope of pipes conforms to requirements. The work is physically demanding and can be stressful when deadlines approach. There are some hazards to working as a pipelayer, but following safety practices can eliminate most of the risk. Pipelayers work with their hands every day and it’s extremely important that they maintain attention to detail, even when they’re knee-deep in dirt, working outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions. Work schedules are typically full-time, often more than 40 hours a week. There are no formal education requirements for pipelayers, and most learn on the job, although some undertake apprenticeship or other training programs.