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Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairers, Transportation Equipment Career Video

Description: Install, adjust, or maintain mobile electronics communication equipment, including sound, sonar, security, navigation, and surveillance systems on trains, watercraft, or other mobile equipment.

Video Transcript

Wherever you find large-scale or industrial electrical equipment, you will also find skilled electrical and electronics installers and repairers keeping things running smoothly. These workers install or repair a variety of electrical equipment in telecommunications, transportation, utilities, and other industries. Installers and repairers use wiring diagrams and testing equipment to find system failures, and solve equipment problems. Most specialize: Motor, tool, and related repairers work on motors, wiring, and switches for products ranging from generators to golf carts. Transportation equipment specialists bring their expertise to trains, boats, and other vehicles to keep sonar, security, navigation, and surveillance systems in working order. Commercial equipment repairers keep industrial controls, transmitters, and antennas functioning in industrial settings. Powerhouse, substation, and relay repairers are responsible for the electrical equipment that generates and distributes electrical power. Specialists in motor vehicles work with digital audio and video players, security systems, and navigation equipment. Installers and repairers generally work full time, and spend most of their day walking, standing, or kneeling. While they put in some desk time for recordkeeping, their work can involve lifting heavy equipment and— at times—working in awkward positions. Most electrical and electronics installers and repairers need specialized courses at a technical college. Obtaining a related certification is helpful.