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Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installers Career Video

Description: Install, program, maintain, and repair security and fire alarm wiring and equipment. Ensure that work is in accordance with relevant codes.

Video Transcript

When a building fire breaks out, or a burglar breaks in, the people involved want to be alerted as soon as possible. Security and fire alarm systems installers ensure that alarm systems operate correctly and provide the margin of time that home and business owners need to set emergency procedures in motion and prevent major damage. Installers use electrical layouts from blueprints and building plans to connect sensors, video cameras, and control panels into the electrical system of the building, making sure that fires or burglars are unable to escape detection. They mount wiring, program the system, test circuits, and install backup batteries, to create an airtight security or fire prevention system. Customer service and communication skills are important, as installers frequently work in customers’ homes, and need to understand the unique aspects of a property or of owners’ habits. Home and commercial security firms are the predominant employer for security and fire alarm systems installers. A high school education is typically required, and many installers have a related technical credential.