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Bicycle Repairers Career Video

Description: Repair and service bicycles.

Video Transcript

At small independent bike shops and large sporting goods stores across the country, bicycle repairers serve a range of roles, from helping first-time customers choose a bike that fits them, and teaching them maintenance techniques, to performing in-depth repairs and custom builds for serious cyclists. Replacing pedals or tires is usually a simple task that requires few tools and little time, but some bikes require specialized equipment or in-depth troubleshooting to diagnose and fix the problem. Some bicycle repairers work only in the repair shop, dealing exclusively with metal, rubber and grease, but others focus on customer service, educating new cyclists about logistics, providing expert advice about gear and apparel, and even helping advanced cyclists design a bicycle from scratch to suit their specific needs. Bicycle repairers may work full- or part-time schedules, and opportunities for work may fluctuate seasonally as people tune up their bikes for the summer and store them away in the winter. Qualifications needed for bicycle repairer positions may vary from basic personal experience with bikes and a willingness to learn on-the-job, to a few years of bicycle repair experience. Customer service skills are a definite plus.