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Geothermal Technicians Career Video

Description: Perform technical activities at power plants or individual installations necessary for the generation of power from geothermal energy sources. Monitor and control operating activities at geothermal power generation facilities and perform maintenance and repairs as necessary. Install, test, and maintain residential and commercial geothermal heat pumps.

Video Transcript

Geothermal technicians help ensure that geothermal energy resources power up plants and buildings around the clock. They monitor gauges and dials on equipment, and perform maintenance and repairs. They also keep logs and write reports on energy production, and the work they perform. In residences and commercial buildings, technicians may install geothermal heat pumps and perform tests to ensure they run properly. Many technicians work outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions. They may operate excavation equipment such as backhoes, or dig trenches by hand, but either way, the work can be challenging and tiring. Following safety precautions is essential. Geothermal technicians typically work 40 hours or more in a week. Most technicians have a set schedule but it’s not uncommon for routines to change in response to production demands. A high school diploma or equivalent is the most common formal education for geothermal technicians, but many earn certificates or professional certifications related to the field, such as Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning, known as HVAC, or Environmental Protection Agency-sponsored certifications.