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First-Line Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers Career Video

Description: Directly supervise and coordinate the activities of production and operating workers, such as inspectors, precision workers, machine setters and operators, assemblers, fabricators, and plant and system operators.

Video Transcript

It takes many workers to produce goods in factories, and to keep manufacturing facilities running. All the workers, from those on the assembly line, to inspectors performing quality tests, to plant operators, report to a supervisor of production or operating workers. These supervisors assign workers and plan schedules to reach production goals. They ensure products meet standards, and keep records on efficiency and accuracy. When problems arise, production supervisors implement strategies to improve motivation, methods, or efficiency. Production and operating worker supervisors also conduct employee training and communicate with management to resolve any problems with workers or production processes. They make recommendations on hiring and promotions, and keep an eye on employee effectiveness. Production and operating worker supervisors make sure that safety and sanitation regulations are maintained. They know the equipment in detail, so that they can identify any problems, and may even make minor repairs to stay on schedule. These supervisors work in a variety of manufacturing facilities, automobile, chemical and food production, machine shops, and more. Most positions require a high school diploma and work experience.