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Crushing, Grinding, and Polishing Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders Career Video

Description: Set up, operate, or tend machines to crush, grind, or polish materials, such as coal, glass, grain, stone, food, or rubber.

Video Transcript

Crushing, grinding, and polishing machine workers operate the equipment used to process materials such as coal, glass, grain, and rubber. These machine operators review work orders and load specified amounts of materials or mixtures into machines. Workers sometimes break materials down to size using picks or other hand tools, to ensure equipment operates safely and the process moves along as intended. Once running, workers tend to equipment, sometimes dislodging jammed materials or adjusting settings to improve machine operation. Tenders must also test the output of equipment to ensure that products are being crushed, ground, and polished to the right specifications. Workers in this field may be exposed to noisy work environments, hot and cold work conditions, and dangerous machinery, requiring that they wear protective clothing and safety equipment. A high school diploma or equivalent is a typical requirement, though not all positions require one.