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Transportation Vehicle, Equipment and Systems Inspectors, Except Aviation Career Video

Description: Inspect and monitor transportation equipment, vehicles, or systems to ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards.


Video Transcript

Whether a vehicle has 18 wheels… or it’s the family car… somewhere along the way, a vehicle, equipment, and systems inspector will need to look it over to make sure it makes the grade for safety and other regulations. Vehicle inspectors typically work for a car dealership or a government agency, examining cars, trucks, and accessories to report on the condition of their parts. They also make sure there are no illegal devices on cars or trucks, such as those meant to get around auto emissions laws. These inspectors are trained to see beneath a gleaming exterior to identify prior damage that may compromise a vehicle’s safety. They also conduct test drives to make sure everything sounds —and feels—like it’s running smoothly. Physical strength may be needed to lift heavy equipment for some inspections. Inspectors usually have a high school diploma, and train on the job at a repair shop or factory, or take classes in automotive engineering at a technical or community college, or trade school. This is a job for someone who likes realistic, practical work— and the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to keep the roads a little safer, and the skies a littler cleaner.